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Approved Locks Doncaster

Approved locks Doncaster
Approved by locksmiths

Few locks survive the test designed with the Master Locksmith Association and carried out by locksmiths.£1000 guarantee

Approved locks Doncaster
Approved by the Police

The official UK Police flagship initiative combining the priniciples of @designing out crime' with physical security.£1000 guarantee

Approved locks Doncaster
Approved by the British Standards

The kitemark is the standard of excellence recognised around the world. Ultion is accredited with the highest 3 star rating.£1000 guarantee

Are your locks to the recommended insurance and police approved accreditations?

It is extremely important to ensure the locks to your home conform to your home insurance requirements as failing to do so can lead to any potential claim being invalid but more importantly the correctly accredited locks ensure you and your family stay safe against unwanted visitors.

Don’t worry, we are not going to bamboozle you with technical explanations as to the inner workings of different locks, that’s not our style.

We are simply going to provide you with a quick and easy guide to establish what accreditations (if any) your current locks are and crucially what markings to look for to ensure you have the correct locks fitted.

There are many types of door locks available to the general public but we are going to concentrate on the main three locks that equate for the vast majority of all domestic external doors and help you identify if your vulnerable or not:

Approved locks Doncaster
Euro cylinder lock

This lock is mostly found on UPVC doors, Composite doors, patio doors, French doors and some garage doors.

With the door closed, quickly check the area underneath where the key goes in and if that lock is not displaying at least 3 stars stamped marked in that area, then they are vulnerable to the popular method of lock snapping.

A cylinder with a 1 star stamp mark DOES NOT conform to the TS007 3 star standard and as such is still very vulnerable to attack.

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Approved locks Doncaster
Mortice lock

This lock is mostly found installed into wooden doors.

To quickly check if this lock meets the required BS 3621 standard, simply open the door and check on the side plate area where the deadbolt comes out when you turn the key to lock the door.

This area should display the British kitemark and BS3621 stamp mark as well as stating it is 5 lever.

The BS 3621 standard is recognised as giving the maximum protection for home and commercial use, approved by insurance companies and the police.

A lock that simply states “5 levers” on the side plate and does not display the BS 3621 stamp mark still does not meet insurance and police recommendations.

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Approved locks Doncaster
Multi point lock

A multi-point lock is located at the side of the door.

The purpose of these mechanisms is to provide significant reinforcement to your door by multiple hooks and bolts engaging in the door surround keeps when closed and locked.

Usually these mechanisms are found on UPVC doors, Composite Doors, patio doors and French doors whereby a euro lock cylinder is installed.

The euro cylinder lock is the crucial element with regards to the multi-point lock as it controls whether or not the hooks & bolts remain fixed in the keeps.

This is why it is extremely important to ensure your euro cylinder is to the TS007 3 star standard and ideally for maximum security ensure the euro cylinder also has the additional Sold Secure diamond accreditation.

People incorrectly inform Insurance companies that they have a 5 lever locking mechanism thinking this covers the multi-point lock however this is incorrect and could leave your insurance invalid.

The new insurance & police approved standard is PAS3621 which is equivalent to the BS3621 standard.

The only problem with this PAS3621 accreditation is that the majority of older multi-point mechanisms cannot be retro replaced with the new PAS3621 accreditation mechanisms.

It would more than likely mean a new door, complete with a new mechanism.

SheffLOCK advise you have at the very least a TS007 3 star euro cylinder paired with a TS007 2 star security handle for maximum protection.

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